Decoding Corona Kavach during the Second Wave

On April 7,2021 Gujarati Midday a daily newspaper by Jagaran group has published my article on Decoding Corona Kavach. The article image is here for the ones who can read Gujarati and translation of the same in English is after the image for the readers, clients, friends and family.

With the second wave of Covid 19 hitting several parts of India, it’s time for us to again get prepared and vigilant about our health insurance policy which you would have bought during last year.

If one bought the Standard Corona special policy launched last year which was limit to specific period, then here are things to know about it –

1. Corona Kavach – Corona Kavach Policy is an affordable health insurance policy that safeguards you or your entire family against hospitalization expenses due to COVID-19. It’s a need-based short term indemnity health cover for COVID-19 pandemic. With sum insured available from Rs.50000 to Rs.500000 with eligibility between Age 18 to 65 years. One cannot take Corona Kavach policy if suffering from Covid 19 or has been recently been diagnosed with Covid 19, there would be provision for waiting period differing from insurer to insurer for buying a Corona Kavach Policy.

2. Product type – The Corona Kavach policy can be taken in individual form or as a family floater policy.

3. Lab Tests at Authorised Diagnostic Centre – For claims to be processed under Corona Kavach Policy, insured has to undergo tests at Authorised diagnostic centre only.

4. Waiting Period – After buying a Corona Kavach policy the cover starts only after 15 days of waiting days.

5. Hospitalisation and Home treatment Covered – If a doctor advises hospitalisation then the claim can be made under cashless or reimbursement basis. If the insured opts for home care treatment, the cover will be maximum for 14 days under. The claim shall be processed under reimbursement basis only. Under Home Treatment Daily monitoring chart including records of treatment administered has to be maintained and duly signed by the treating doctor for claim to be processed hassle free.

6. Pre and Post Hospitalisation – Expenses like – Lab tests, medicines, doctor consultation incurred before 15 days and after 30 days of hospitalisation gets covered under hospitalisation. So one needs to have the bills, reports and the consultation paper while claiming under such policy.

7. Renewals – As per the IRDAI’s circular dated March 24,2021 all the policies would have extension or can be renewed upto September 30,2021 by paying the required premium to continue the coverage of the existing Corona Kavach cover and incase buying a fresh cover the policy shall be valid till September 30,2021 only.

8. Adverse Reaction to Vaccine Claims – As per All claims related to Covid 19 along with claims related to any adverse reactions due to vaccination shall be paid under normal health policy as well as under Corona Kavach Policy. The process for Adverse reaction to vaccine remains the same as the normal Covid claim.

9. Co-Morbidity coverages – Comorbidity is nothing but a disease or medical condition that is simultaneously present with another or others in a patient. Comorbidity is covered along with the treatment for COVID up to the Sum Insured specified in the policy schedule. Loading is applicable for persons suffering with any of the Co-Morbidities. E.g. : If one suffers from Dengue and gets tested positive for covid19 and needs hospitalisation then the claim would be settled under Corona Kavach for treatment of both the ailments with co-payment for dengue treatment.

10. Exclusions – The policy wordings are to be read well for detailed exclusions. As what is not covered


Considering the current situation Corona Kavach Policy is a must to have along with your standard health insurance policy. As Corona Kavach shall cover all the major expenses without any exclusion on consumable expenses like – Masks, gloves, PPE kits, Sanitizer etc.

Question – If I buy a Corona Kavach Policy today how many days maximum will I get covered for?
Answer – The Corona Kavach Policy is available till September 30, 2021

Question– Is Portability under Corona Kavach Policy available?
Answer– No Portability is allowed

Question– My father is 63 years old with diabetes, can he get Corona Kavach policy?
Answer– Yes Corona Kavach Policy can be availed by him under the comorbidity clause with loading on pre-existing condition.

Question– Can the premium be paid in instalment as EMI?
Answer– The premium has to be paid upfront and no instalment facility is available.

Question– My sister is a health worker can she get any discount on the Corona Kavach Policy?
Answer– Yes there is 5% discount for health workers on the premium.

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