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Many may call us a start-up, but we are confident that we will be inspiring several to follow us in the coming years. We have ventured into a business space which is old, crowded and not necessarily going to remain viable for several existing players and will be tremendously challenging for new entrants, in the months and years to come.

So, why are we starting something which sounds so Run-of-the Mill?

– Three reasons, primarily:



Pressure / inability to adapt

Disruption of the in-house and outside-company infrastructure


Reservations toward innovation and progress

Well, the above is what is being faced by a large number of entities presently operating and servicing in the financial services space. Experts cite these as ‘crisis induced adversity’, which is evoking existential fear amongst many.
Some of you will find this interesting that PROMORE has actually commenced its business during a global crisis i.e. a pandemic – an unprecedented one in modern peace time. As someone fresh, we are nimble-footed.

Does that suffice, to succeed?
– No

It is the model that we propose to introduce to the market and the offerings that we intend to have for our customers that will help us in reaching out to a large geography, while maintaining that personal touch with each of our customer. To some, this may sound cliché, to few it would appear challenging and others may be inquisitive about our distinct approach.

A proprietary technology platform lies at the heart of what we have planned for the financial well-being and success of our customers – and that, will be one of the means to our success too.

The blueprint of this venture was created 9 months back. We were finding it difficult to reach a consensus about the ‘right’ time to start. And then, the world witnessed an unprecedented crisis. We realised that ‘this’ is our time, to usher in hope with our fresh outlook and reach out to customers to assist them in their most trying times through our financial solutions.

How do we intend to gain the trust of the customers?
– The combined experience of 30 years of the co-founders in the whole gamut of financial products and services is central to the vision of building a FINTECH of the future that will not wither away under any crisis. We are ambitious enough to envisage that our platform will be servicing many generations of our customers.

the single-most important factor in any continuing relationship, and it is gained over a period of time. We understand that. Our financial offerings / solutions – at economical cost, the transparency in dealings, the use of technology to provide unparalleled access & convenience, are all experiences which our customers will value as we nurture each relationship over the months & years.

we will be adding a new product / service to this platform. While it would keep us content with revenues that help us meet our expenses, our substantial investments will be focused towards building our proprietary technology platform, the launch of which shall be announced in due course.

We believe that the sooner we bridge any gap between these two and then ensure that there is never a gap between the two, we would have gained your trust finally and fully.

services shall be extended only after due licensing / regulatory approvals are taken.

What all do we offer as products, services or solutions?
– Adhering to the spirit of a start-up, we are taking a frugal approach to building our business. Since the strength of our platform would be our proprietary technology, which is under development, we have commenced business with select financial products and services. You can browse the same in the SERVICES tab / section.

Management team

Ketan Acharya
Ketan Acharya


An MBA by qualification, with a diploma in Information Technology from GLSIIT. An entrepreneur by profession and a Financial enthusiast by passion! Having extensive corporate experience of over 16 years solely focused on Financial services & Wealth management across asset classes. He is the second generation in financial markets. His core strengths have been advising and investing across asset classes.

Nisha Sanghavi
Nisha Sanghavi


She is a MBA in Finance & Marketing along with Certification in Financial Planning (CFPCM) from the FPSB Ltd. USA and has also done the Life Planning course from Kinder Institute of Life Planning, USA. Nisha is very passionate about personal finance space and possesses extensive experience in comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Advisory, Retirement solutions, Tax Planning, Goals based investing, Estate Planning and Insurance Broking for over 14 years. She has also been actively conducting financial literacy workshops for various groups and corporates.