Fixed Income

Fixed Income


As a part of your investment portfolio, we offer a wide range of Bonds, Gold ETFs, Government securities along with Corporate Fixed Deposits varying in tenures, interest rates & institutions to suit your investment needs. These instruments are unexplored by the public due to a lack of understanding and knowledge. The schemes have been specially

chosen from high-safety options to ensure that you enjoy the twin benefits of returns and protection. This genre of Investment schemes is best suited for investors who want to earn fixed returns on their investments.

Bonds: When you purchase any type of bond (government, convertible, callable, etc.), you are lending money to the issuer which may be a corporation, the government, a federal agency or any other entity. In return, the issuer promises to pay a specified rate of interest during the life of the bond and repay the face value of the bond upon maturity of the term.

Government Securities: Government Bonds are one of the most secure forms of investment in India attributed to its Sovereign guarantee. Individuals seeking to dilute the risk factor also ascertaining higher than average returns on their investments can allocate a stipulated portion of their corpus for investment in Government Bonds as well.

Corporate FDs: Many finance houses also offer investors the facility to open fixed deposits that offer interest rates that can be higher than what most banks offer

Gold ETFs & Sovereign Gold Bonds: While owning gold in physical forms like jewellery, gold coins or bars comes at a huge cost, owning it in paper form like gold exchange-traded funds (gold ETFs), Sovereign Gold Bond and Gold funds under the mutual fund category comes at a price closer to the actual price of gold.

How Promore helps?

Pick the most appropriate strategy to choose from the wide range of generally unexplored investment options. Being too attached is a perfect recipe to disaster in investments, thus we recommend a balanced portfolio with timely switch to maximum returns along with limiting risk.